What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry concentrates on children’s dental health from infancy through their teenage years and those with special needs. Their specialty is to focus on methods and procedures based on the child’s health history to provide the best oral health care possible. Dental health is undoubtedly an influential factor in your general health throughout your life. But most people are unaware that it needs to start at an early age. Maintaining the oral health of children is not similar to adults. Not only does a child’s dentist undergo special training to treat children, but they also have the additional two years which qualify them to provide preventive dental care, identify and treat oral diseases and conditions, and help kids develop good oral hygiene habits.

Happy Kid After Pediatric Dentistry

What happens when you visit a children's dentist?

Our dentists here at Desert Rose at Yonge St., Aurora, work hard to ensure that your offspring’s teeth are in the best condition and are ready to last a lifetime. Since every child is different, our dentists try different approaches so your child would be less scared and get the service that is required from us. All of the procedures happen under the parent’s supervision. Dental appointments can be intimidating and painful experiences that children dread; however is essential for children to have their milk teeth checked regularly by dentists for evidence of caries and tooth decay. 

Pediatric dentistry develops various oral health care plans targeting the needs of the little patients, such as:

  • Sealants
  • Fillings
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Extractions
  • X-rays
  • Orthodontic Care
  • Habit counselling (thumb sucking or pacifier use)
  • Dental Emergencies(Chipped, broken, and knocked out teeth)

Why is Pediatric Dentistry important?

Helping children address their oral hygiene issues can be a smart decision. Many youngsters nowadays are exposed to several tooth diseases, and tooth decay is reasonably expected in them. Just like a pediatrician is needed for a child to thrive, pediatric dentistry will use methods to comminute with children so that they can build a relationship.

Here are some beneficial aspects you may need to consider before choosing a dentist for your child:

Friendly-Welcoming Environment

Convincing a child to go to a dental office can be challenging. Most children can’t tolerate dental offices that look too medical. Our dentist will assure you and your children that there’s nothing to be worried about. We try to make this experience fun and something your children can enjoy and may even be enthusiastic about their next appointment.

Introducing Children to the Dental Care World

Even though parents can teach children to brush and floss their teeth, a child dentist can use equipment and facilities to encourage children even more and help them establish lifelong dental habits.

Counselling in Preventing Oral Issues

Pediatric dentistry can identify dental problems that may be happening to your child sooner than any other person. With enough information given to parents and educating them about oral hygiene, it can prevent many dental diseases.


Why DesertRose Pediatric Dentistry?

Here at Desert Rose, Yonge St., Aurora, we prioritize our patients’ satisfaction. Our Pediatric Dentistry in Aurora uses specially designed equipment for children, and our dental offices are designed with a children-considering atmosphere. Desert Rose’s staff try to behave best when they encounter our little patients and hold a cheerful and kind attitude towards them.

“A child’s beautiful smile is a bit of sunlight wrapped in your arms.” If you are searching for the best Pediatric Dentistry at Yonge St., Aurora, Desert Rose will be honoured to provide services for you so your children can have a delightful smile.

What's New in Pediatric Dentistry?

We try to be as developing as Children’s dentistry currently is. DesertRose’s dentists modernized themselves with the latest and most substantial technological refinements. Our main goal is to build a comfortable and safe atmosphere for kids. DesertRose, located at Yonge St., Aurora, is equipped with modern equipment and materials to enjoy an efficient, practical, fast experience. So, what is up with the field of children’s dentistry right now? We would be pleased to share a few of the pediatric dental improvements that are happening in our pediatric dentistry in Aurora:

1. We Try to Make the Process More Bearable & Less Painful.

With advances in child’s dentistry, we use pain-free oral injections that make dental procedures tolerable and less traumatizing for children.

2. We Use New Tools to Catch Dental Issues

Having a beautiful smile and maintaining your health is what dentistry is about. Children may be more confident when you guarantee they are gifted with a pretty smile. Early detection of dental issues like cavities will make the treatment less painful, easier and affordable.

3. We are designed especially for children.

It’s important for a kid to feel like one. Bringing a child to the adult world may be scary for them. In our dental office, we decorated offices with appropriate equipment for children.


Pediatric Dentistry near Me

When it comes to children, it’s important to provide them with the best possible. Choosing the best kids’ dentist may be wise since you will experience a reliable time in the dental chair. Considering that you are familiar with the benefits of having a kids’ dentist, you will undoubtedly be looking for one. We’re here for you and you and your little ones. For the best children’s dentist at Yonge St., Aurora, don’t hesitate to contact the DesertRose dental office; we will be more than glad to help you.

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