What is Family Dentistry? 

With the changes and development in our world, it gets complex for families to be on track with their lives and stay healthy. So they come up with solutions that can buy them as much time as possible. One of these solutions can be a family dentist. Family Dentistry focuses on ensuring a positive dental experience for your entire family. Through family dentistry, you can take your family to one place on a single day for your regular dental appointments. At Desert Rose, we offer every service you need to keep your whole family’s smiles shining healthily. Like general dentistry, family dentistry concentrates on oral hygiene and teeth health. However, a family dentist emphasizes the needs of people of all ages.



Why Choose a Family Dentist?

While many people think that a child can go to pediatric dentistry and an adult can visit a general one, it’s essential to take notice of family dentists since they may be helpful in many ways that you may have never noticed. Here are some advantages that can encourage you to choose a family dentist:

Having a Family Dentist Is Convenient

A family dentist has the experience of treating anyone at any age. In addition, there would be no need for each person to have a dentist. You don’t have to leave work on different occasions to go for your appointment with an adult dentist or take your kids to the pediatric dentist.

Building a Better Relationship

It is nice to be in an atmosphere where you can trust each other. Furthermore, it would be easier to communicate and counsel about your problems without leaving anything behind. Having a family dentist that treats all your family members also lets you know if any upcoming dental issues are coming.

Family Dentists keep track of your dental health.

It may be hard to explain to each dentist what is wrong with you or your child’s teeth. Family dentists can record your previous diseases, injuries, surgeries, or sensitivities and provide excellent treatment.

Family Dentists Provide More Services.

While an adult dentist can only provide services suitable within a limited age group, or a Pediatric Dentist can only identify and treat problems related to children, Family Dentists are a package in one. They can find out the problem in an entire family and treat them all in a single location!

What is our Procedure in Family Dentistry at Desert Rose at Yonge St., Aurora?

Our Family Dentists are versatile and ready to provide excellent service for your entire family. We care for all your dental care needs in a comfortable, friendly environment, and we are eager to help you have the brightest and healthiest smile ever. Some of the different types of dental procedures available at the Desert Rose office:

  • Exams and X-rays
  • Teeth whitening and Fluoride treatment
  • Sealants
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (dental crown, dental bonding)
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Oral surgery

Our Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Aurora line tries to develop with the latest dentistry field upgrades. DesertRose’s environment is the perfect place for all ages to care for their dental problems. We offer multiple services, and we are trying to do our best to meet the needs of our patients.

What's New at Desert Rose Family Dentistry?

Why Desert Rose, Family Dentistry?

What is crucial for us is for you to have the best experience in our office. If you’re with kids, we understand that your kid can be hard to deal with in case of dental treatment, so we try to behave with the most suitable attitude. If you as an adult have dental phobia, we will assure you that we try to be as gentle as possible and there is nothing to be afraid of. We will let you know the procedure that is going to happen, and if anything is not tolerable for you or your child and you are not comfortable enough, we will try to replace it with other methods. We are conveniently located at Yonge St., Aurora, and we try to set appointments with flexibility in hours so all your family members can make it in time.


General guidelines state that patients should make an appointment for a professional dental exam and cleaning once a year or every six months. Nonetheless, if you have any particular dental history like periodontal disease, you may need to check up on your teeth more frequently than others.

While family dentists visit adults and children alike, a pediatric dentist only specializes in dental health for children. General dentists mostly use standard-sized dental equipment suitable for adults; however, Family dentists have to use smaller tools that are appropriately designed for children and equipped with adult-sized equipment.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth once a day can protect you against problems that can advance quickly and turn into serious diseases such as tooth decay or gum diseases.

Good oral care can prevent diseases like tooth decay and gum diseases and help you have a healthy smile.

If you fail to keep your oral hygiene, you are exposing yourself to a greater risk for cavities, which can eventually cause the need for a root canal or total tooth replacement.

Dental X-ray exams are safe and often highly beneficial for oral health. Nevertheless, they require low levels of radiation exposure, which makes the risk of potentially harmful effects extremely small.

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