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DesertRose Dental in Aurora is prepared to provide all types of dental services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implant, and restorative dentistry, to its patients. In addition, we are able to bill your insurance company for all accepted insurances directly. 

Our entire team is committed to providing dental care of the highest possible standard, and we are excited to have you visit our comfortable and upscale dental facility. 


What Is Our Approach to Dental Treatment in Desert Rose?

Our goal at DesertRose is to help all of our patients maintain excellent dental health both now and in the future. We are also dedicated to assisting you in keeping your overall health and smile. 

In the meanwhile, we take pride in serving patients from diverse backgrounds. Our family-like team is especially committed to delivering moral, patient-centred care by acknowledging each patient’s particular needs. 

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In fact, our team comprises a skilled and experienced dentist and a committed staff that upholds the DesertRose goal of helping people with their dental issues. In reality, we aim to provide individuals that need treatment, support, guidance, and high-quality dental care. The staff at our dental office, however, is composed of polite and knowledgeable people, including our dentist, Dr. Maryam Nabawi. 

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In addition, since she has so many years of experience and a lot of knowledge in the field of endodontics, she is ready to take on even the most complex endodontic situations. In addition, her dedication to providing excellent dental treatment to her patients and focusing on their overall happiness is the primary force behind her successful professional life. As the most important DesertRose Dental member, Dr. Nabawi accepts people of all ages and backgrounds. In point of fact, she is always excited to meet new patients and develop a positive relationship with them while simultaneously assisting them in achieving the best possible standards of oral health. Additionally, Dr. Nabawi has devoted a significant amount of her time to furthering her education and developing her skills as a dentist. After that, she began practising dentistry with compassion and care, and she found that she really enjoyed working with patients of all ages, particularly youngsters. First and foremost, Dr. Nabawi prioritizes the health and happiness of his patients.  


Despite this, Dr. Nabawi would be delighted to hear from you if you seek compassionate dentist treatment in Aurora, Ontario.  

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